Who are we?

Our staff

Teaching staff

Year 3

Mrs H Fiddy (Year Leader) Ash Class English
Mrs D Emsen Beech Class  DT
Mrs Z Dryer Chestnut Class NQT

Year 4

Miss L Adkins (Year Leader) Fir Class PE
Mrs J Banfield / Mrs L Corfield Elm Class Geography / History
Mrs S Stoneham / Mrs E Gray Holly Class Art & Design

Year 5

Mrs L Avery  (Year Leader) Maple Class RE/SIAMs/SMSC
Mrs F Long Lime Class Science
Mrs J Stannard Oak Class SENDCO, MFL

Year 6

Miss K Lane (Year Leader) Spruce Class Mathematics
Mrs S Rollinson Pine Class NQT
Mrs H Hortop Willow Class PSHE

Subject Specialists (and PPA/Leadership/NQT cover)

Mrs C Shakespeare (Music Specialist) Music
Mr B Williams (Computing Specialist) Computing; Highly Able
Miss M Halski (PE Specialist) PE
Mr G Flemington Headteacher, CPD, Behaviour, Child Protection, Curriculum, Assessment, Teaching and Learning, Inclusion

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