Mothers’ Day Gift Event

Dear Parents,

The Friends of St Mark’s will be holding a Mothers’ Day fund-raising event this Friday 24th March in the afternoon.
The children will have the opportunity to buy a small gift for mum, or indeed any other special lady in their lives, in return for £2. Please do not send in more than £2 as there will only be one gift per child.
Anything left over will then be available to buy on the Barrow outside the Shop after school.
Thank you for your support.

The Friends of St Mark’s

Friends of St Mark newsletter

Dear Parents,
Here is  the latest Friends of St Mark’s newsletter with lots of information about past and future events.
The next Friends meeting will be on Thursday 2nd February at 7pm in Hub 3, please come and join us.
Do let us know if you are planning to attend via our Facebook page or by emailing so we know just how much cake to bake!
Thank you,
The Friends of St Mark’s