Supporting at home

Being on time is good for everyone
School starts promptly at 8.50 am. Children need to be on site between 8.40 and 8.50 am. Lunch is from 12.15 pm until 1.15 pm and school ends at 3.25 pm. A good, prompt start for your child is a good start to the day for all of us.  Lateness causes anxiety for your child, creates additional work for the school and interferes with the smooth running of the school.  If you need help or advice please contact the Parent Support Adviser (PSA).

Keep us informed of important changes
Please inform us immediately of any changes to your details e.g. address, mobile numbers, important family change etc so you can be contactable at all times e.g. if your child is ill or has been involved in an accident.

Each year group sends parents a detailed schedule of what to expect over a period of time so you can support your child’s learning at home. All children have a Communication book for comments to pass each way. This book will have homework information or weekly schedules to refer to.

Questions to ask your children when they get home from school rather than “How was your day?”

Supporting Reading – evidenced by parents in the school!
Reading is one of the most important and enjoyable things for your child to do. Spending just five minutes a day to listen to your child and another five minutes to model to them a shared book has a significant impact on their progress and you’ll enjoy this shared special time. Don’t forget you can share any text – newspaper, cornflake packet etc. Value it, share it and commit to it. A little and often is better than a block once a week.

When things go wrong…
Please tell us so we can help resolve things quickly and amicably. Most problems can be sorted informally through talking with class teachers. Alternatively the Year Leader can be approached to clarify or provide more assistance. However, sometimes some issues need to be considered more formally by the Headteacher. Our Complaints Procedure clearly sets out the routes to resolve issues. Copies are available for parents via the website.

When things go well…
A thank you or a pat on the back always goes down well.  Like children, we also respond to praise.  We rely on feedback from everyone at school.