Snow closures

For the last six years we have sustained a good record of staying open despite snow.  This has always been our preference. However, it is important to reinforce that schools stay open or close for the right reasons.  This is usually for health and safety reasons – for staff travelling in as well as for families accessing the site as safely as is reasonable.  Although we invest heavily in gritting the site and expend many hours clearing pathways manually this sadly is not always enough.  Another key determining factors is the state of the roads leading to the schools. If these are clear/gritted/safe there is a very good chance that we will be open.  If they are not regrettably we may be forced to close.   Please do not phone in to ask as it ties up our phone lines.

Closure is the last option and never palatable. However, sometimes it is safer. We tend not to decide too early or too late as conditions can improve or decline quickly.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

  • Unless you hear from us we will be open.
  • If we ever close, we will inform you in three ways :

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