SENCO:  Mrs L Lambert

SEN/D Governor:  Mrs S Bale


At St Mark’s we believe that every child is extraordinary and that education has the capacity and the possibility to change lives for the better. Here teaching and learning is built upon a foundation that is inclusive, supportive, challenging and empowering.  We promote high expectations, aspirations and an intense engagement in learning.  This supports learners in establishing the values, dispositions, skills and knowledge through which they will be able to achieve success, gain fulfilment in the future and become life-long learners.


  • A person centred approach- At St Mark’s we know this will look differently for each child and many strategies and adaptations might be employed for each child to be successful.
  • A Graduated Approach of Assess, Plan, Do, Review – teachers plan for individual children alongside group planning, deliver in an inclusion friendly environment, and set new targets in response to learning
  • Parents are the foremost educators of their children and must be involved at every level. Responsibility for the child remains with the parents and they will achieve success working in partnership with all agencies.

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