School council

Children are elected by their peers to represent their interests within the school. Each year children are asked to consider if they have the necessary qualities and approach to speak on behalf of their peers. Those who step forward are invited to present why they think they should be voted for. Democratically a councillor, and a deputy, is elected for each class.

The School Council meet regularly with the PSHE Leader to discuss whole school issues e.g. looking after our toilets, green issues, positive play with infant school, Producing a Healthy Eating Booklet etc. The councillors then feedback any findings or decisions back to the class.

Previously they have met with the other School Councils in our area, spent time in each other’s schools and shared ideas. We have taken other School Councils on a learning walk around St Mark’s and Wyndham Park. The councillors have been busy creating our own j2e webpage for everyone to see what they are up to!

Recently the council has been improving the St Mark’s CAT (Community Action Titan awards). The awards now have a new mascot, newly designed booklets and certificates. Children have presented their ideas in an assembly to celebrate success and raise the profile of these unique awards.

Councillors receive an induction to increase their confidence in using the language most often used in meetings. Children are shown how meetings operate, how decisions are recorded and how to monitor things over time to measure an impact.