Providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment is of paramount importance. At St Mark’s we take the safety of children, workers and visitors very seriously and take all reasonably practicable steps to secure the health and safety of all. We believe the prevention of incidents, accidents, injury or loss is preferable and essential to the efficient operation of the school and is part of the good education of its pupils. As a school we will take all reasonable steps to identify hazards and reduce the risks from them to a minimum.  All staff and pupils must appreciate, however, that their own safety and that of others also depends on their individual conduct and vigilance while on the school premises or while taking part in school-sponsored activities.

On site

The day to day safety of everyone on the school site is that of the headteacher. We have clear expectations about entering or exiting the site, movements e.g. vehicles and encourage all reasonable behaviours conducive to keeping people safe. The Governors and Directors pay particular attention to the upkeep of the site, future developments and evaluating current practice.


Bullying is not tolerated under any circumstances. Our Anti-Bullying leaflet clearly sets out expectations, protocols and how children can help themselves stay safer.


Keeping children and ourselves safe is the responsibility of everyone. This covers first aid, administering medicines, accident reporting to child protection. Please read our Child Protection Leaflet for more information. The Headteacher is the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for Child Protection.  Any concerns about the welfare of a child should be referred to the DSL. In turn they may seek advice from Social Care in how best to proceed to safeguard children. Safety outranks everything – even uncomfortable conversations.

 Online Safety

Keeping children safe without removing access to digital media, both in school and at home, is a difficult balancing act. We endeavour to use, teach and model best practice and keep online safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It is a partnership of trust and transparency that all users of new technology have to understand and agree – see ICT agreement.

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