Creative arts

The creative elements are often considered the bits that make us most human. Art, music, drama, singing, dancing and poetry are not the fluffy extremities of a curriculum they are its life blood. Arguably our souls are enriched by studying, experiencing and enjoying all creative pursuits. Confidence is not just about performing something to an audience. It is more about reaching deep within oneself to discover talents and interests. It can be every bit as challenging and daunting as entering the sporting arena. The sense of success and enjoyment can be every bit as satisfying and fulfilling.

Music is taught by a Music Specialist (along with PE and ICT) whilst teachers are released as part of their Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) entitlement. All children in Y3 are taught to play the recorder and share their progress regularly with parents who are invited to share and listen.

Approximately a quarter of our children play a musical instrument and take specialist lessons from peripatetic staff during the school day (e.g. guitar, violin, woodwind etc). More information is available via the school office.

The school choir is comprised of children throughout the school and performs at our Christmas Carol Service as well as annual events in and around Salisbury. It meets during lunchtime and is run by our Specialist Music Teacher.

The school puts on a variety of shows and eclectic performances throughout the year. Children have the opportunity to write material, produce, act and perform to large audiences. Each Year group is responsible for an aspect: Y3 (Christmas); Y4 (Harvest); Y5 (Easter); Y6 (Summer Production and Leavers’ Service).

Dance is an integral part of the PE curriculum and all children participate.

Art and design is usually covered via our topic work and is designed to be cross-curricular. The skills, experiences and appreciation are carefully mapped out by the Art Leader and delivered by the class teachers.

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