How big is a million?

We dotted solidly for 20 minutes in an attempt to do one million dots. We were mostly confident of achieving our aim. Here’s a short clip of us dotting!

We counted all of our dots – as a class, we managed just over 101,000 dots – only about a tenth of a million.

We worked out it would have taken us 3 hours and 20 minutes to do a million dots – a whole morning at school without breaktime. Or ten classes, working as fast as us in 20 minutes.

It made us realise how big a million is.

Year 5 Ancient Greeks Topic

Year 5 completed their Greek Topic in music with a short performance to parents last week. They sang and told the story of The Trojan Horse. This week to round up the topic, they composed music depicting the characteristics of Greek Gods while the rest of the class guessed who they were. They used the pentatonic scale, leitmotif (a little tune to depict a character), ostinato patterns and dynamics to represent the Gods.​