Numerically Equal!

When introducing the problem to Year 5 (Oak) we discussed that numerically equal would not be the same measurement and the difference between area and perimeter.

Now children worked in pairs to talk through their ideas of solving the problem and the option of using squared paper to try out the problem.

It was interesting to listen to how the pairs were working on the problem. Most pairs used squared paper. Some drew a variety of squares chosen randomly until they reached an answer. Some were more systematic and drew squares and calculated area/perimeter until they found one that worked-See pictures:

How big is a million?

We dotted solidly for 20 minutes in an attempt to do one million dots. We were mostly confident of achieving our aim. Here’s a short clip of us dotting!

We counted all of our dots – as a class, we managed just over 101,000 dots – only about a tenth of a million.

We worked out it would have taken us 3 hours and 20 minutes to do a million dots – a whole morning at school without breaktime. Or ten classes, working as fast as us in 20 minutes.

It made us realise how big a million is.