Paint a Poppy Competetion

Chestnut class painted some fabulous poppies today. They will be put together to make a display in school and then the display will be entered into a competition run by the British Legion to commemorate 100 years since WW1. The winner gets £500 of art materials for their school.

How big is a million?

We dotted solidly for 20 minutes in an attempt to do one million dots. We were mostly confident of achieving our aim. Here’s a short clip of us dotting!

We counted all of our dots – as a class, we managed just over 101,000 dots – only about a tenth of a million.

We worked out it would have taken us 3 hours and 20 minutes to do a million dots – a whole morning at school without breaktime. Or ten classes, working as fast as us in 20 minutes.

It made us realise how big a million is.

Can we get to a million?

Oak class were investigating numbers, place value and what a million would look like on paper.

They carried out an investigation and created 25,980 dots and used different strategies to count and made predictions and discussed results. It was good fun and produced interesting results.