CAT awards

Community Action Titan Awards (CATs)

The CAT Award is an initiative to develop children’s sense of responsibility and being part of a community. Children undertake a series of activities and challenges to attain bronze, silver and gold awards. These help children ‘put something back’ into the community.

The CAT Award was recently updated and revamped by the School Council. The five elements of the Every Child matters Agenda are catered for – Safe, Healthy, Economic Awareness, Enjoyment and Achievement and Positive Contribution.

Children complete each of the elements and have them ‘signed off’ by a responsible adult to secure affirmation of achievement. When the booklets are completed they are submitted to the Headteacher for scrutiny. When successful the recipient is awarded a special badge in a Celebration Assembly along with a certificate.

The awards could be thought of as our version of a Duke of Edinburgh Award for junior aged children.

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