Governors’ committee #2 – Nov 2018

I think that it’s fair to say that we are still trying to understand the shifting sands that come from being part of a newly restructured Multi-Academy Trust. We are seeking more information in this area.

Financially, times have never been tougher in the experience of any staff or Governor. Income from Government does not allow us to maintain computing equipment at current levels, and curriculum spend has never been lower. Strategic decisions are being made to protect staffing levels, and to invest all available resources in teaching and learning. But all parents should be aware that the national funding crisis is hitting hard in Wiltshire, where we have lower levels of funding than many neighbouring counties.

Governors have written to Salisbury’s MP on this issue – please feel free to add your voices to calls for Government to invest more in our children.

We learned some more about Maths Mastery, being imbedded in teaching across the Trust schools. This is not a new system, rather, it builds on the existing White Rose scheme – a form of evolution of the existing scheme.

We also asked questions about targets and SATs. SATs tests are tough (you can access sample test papers on Governor site here: and to fail to prepare children would be unkind to them. The targets set by SRET are very ambitious. Equally, the St Mark’s team are also determined to keep their broad and balanced curriculum, and to keep putting the children first. Ongoing monitoring and assessment are providing critical tools to inform teaching and learning. The school is confident that all staff and children will continue to put their best efforts in, and the Governors are impressed with the dedication and commitment they see. Parents should contact class teachers if you have any questions or concerns – and you can always reach me on

On Thursday this week (22nd), those Governors who can find the time will be spending a day in school for monitoring and familiarisation.

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