Maths challenge

Here is last week’s maths challenge.

There were some good ideas:

  • Most important
    • 1, because you can make any number from 1  Alice/Btooke
    • 0,, because it is the first number Katie
  • Most interesting
    • 0, because it is not positive or negative Alice/Btooke
    • 5 and 3 because they are weird shapes  Elissa
    • 1, because it is the only number with only 1 factor  Toby
    • 0, because it can be used as a place holder and is the only number that has no value  Toby
  • Most colourful
    • 8, becuase wh en two bubbles stick together it makes an 8 and the light sines through to make it multi-coloured.  Izzie
  • Funniest
    • 8 because it looks like a snowman and you can make it from a 3 and a backwards three  Izzie

And the winner is…Izzie!

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