Maths Challenge!

Have you noticed our new school Maths Challenge board? It’s opposite the office.

There will be a new challenge every week, with a prize for the best solution each week.

A nice easy one to start with about spotting numbers used n place names….

One thought on “Maths Challenge!

  1. Well done to everyone who entered! There were some great answers. Some place names had numbers as part of their names, eg THREE Legged Cross, SIX Penny Handley; some had numbers hidden in their letters, eg StONEhenge; KeNILworth and others had names that sounded as if they contained numbers, eg TimbukTU, OxFORd. The winner was the person who recognised these different ways of finding numbers in names – well done Alice N-C! So Alice will get this week’s prize (when they arrive…) and there are house points coming to everyone who entered.

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