Governor meeting blog

We had our last Governor Committee meeting of this school year on 4th July.

We appreciated the new Chair of the Somerset Road Education Trust, Mike Newton taking time to come and visit us. It was good to meet him, and it will be interesting to learn more about the Trust’s vision and plans in to next year.

Data analysis was rigorous – thanks to the new system from Amy Scammell, Deputy HeadTeacher. Mike Thain (a Governor since after OfSTED and Head of Maths at St Edmunds) would like to feedback his observation: “The way you’re using data is really encouraging. The data is being used as a starting point to identify where students are doing well or falling behind. This is how it should be used as they are children not numbers.”

The most recent data are showing hopeful signs of consistent improvement in pupil progress and attainment. The new assessment tools are a significant improvement in terms of how easy they are to use and also how useful they are. We’d like to take this opportunity, publicly, to thank Amy and the whole school team for their hard work in developing and embedding these tools.

There are still questions to ask, however, and we are not even close to complacency here. We will continue to ask questions. After SATs data become available (very soon), we will know more.

In the meantime, can I include a quote from the report from our Challenge and Support Partner (CASP) from Wiltshire County Council: “The CASP accompanied the HT on a brief learning walk to evidence impact of actions taken this year. The pupils were engaged, learning environments were inviting, and the quality of teaching and learning has tangibly improved.

“The CASP was pleased to say that the school has good capacity to continue to improve, supported by improved outcomes in all areas and by leadership support from the Trust CEO and Trust leadership. The school has demonstrated evidence for a ‘Green’ evaluation overall.

We’re hoping to put together a celebration of this year at St Mark’s to share with all.

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