It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. This doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy though.

At the last governor meeting, we had a brilliant training session with Mr Rist (getting the most before he leaves us). He showed us how to get more out of a ‘book look’ – helping us to get more-effective at monitoring the ambitious targets set since OfSTED’s visit.

We followed up on three selected statements from the previous headteacher’s report – to check that there is evidence to support statements that had been made. We feel that it is important to show that we are monitoring progress, and not accepting statements about progress without corroborating evidence.

We also received the report from our review of Governance, which should be available through the OFSTED section of this website. We found the process very useful, in that it helped us to focus on our next steps, and also very encouraging. It does seem that the changes we had been making (before and after OfSTED’s visit) are appropriate and already showing some evidence of meeting requirements to improve.

We welcomed two new governors – Mike Thain and Paul McLean

We also attended the ‘six-months on’ information session for parents. There were some great questions from the floor. A good opportunity for conversation. [More on this separately.]

Since then, we have also had a working group meeting on next year’s budget. I had been expecting a budget cut. When the figures came in, there is a very small increase in the money we expect to receive from the Department for Education. However, the increase does not meet the ever-growing costs we all are familiar with. Austerity continues to bite and these are not easy times for schools anywhere.

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