Training and Governor Review

Last week was a busy week for governors!

We had a great evening of shared training with governors from Exeter House and Wyndham Park on Tuesday (17th). We were learning about ‘challenge’; talking about asking the right questions.

It was a very useful evening, time well spent. With one of the many beneficial aspects being the opportunity to spend time working alongside fellow governors from fellow schools. Hope we can do more along the same lines. And thanks to David Marriott for leading the training.

And on Friday morning (20th), we had our review of governance (as stipulated by OfSTED). It would be wrong to say much before we have the written report to share. But we wanted to reassure parents that this review has indeed happened as planned. I think we can also say that we are very grateful to Michele Blain, a National Leader of Governance, for her time and expertise.

It was an intense morning, but generally very encouraging. We do believe that the changes we have made this academic year are taking us in the right direction. We are still learning, of course we are. And some of the changes we’ve made are still too recent to be fully imbedded. But the feedback has reinforced our commitment.

More to follow when we get the report.

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