Data depth session

On Monday morning, Governors spent some time looking deeper into the data of pupil progress in reading, writing and maths.

We looked at:

  • the systems in place to track pupils’ attainment throughout the year against curriculum objectives.
  • trends of attainment broken down by groups across the school, such as year groups, classes, boys, girls.
  • how performance is tracked throughout the pupils’ journey through the school.

From my perspective the data were heartening, as progress is clearly being made; not only the progress of the children, but also the consistency of application and the confidence in the assessment methodology.

It’s more than just numbers – it’s good to understand how these data are being used to make targeted interventions and inform the teaching in the classrooms.

It’s early days and there are many nuances around these data. Tracking data across previous years in particular is difficult, with complicating factors such as changes in curriculum and assessment systems over the last couple of years. It is our job to continue to understand all of this: to hold the school to account for doing the very best for our children, and to support where we can.

We are also keen to challenge the school to benchmark with other schools. We heard today about how the school sees collaboration as an important part of improving; learning from others and understanding both strengths and areas for improvement.

Posted on behalf of Stuart Perkins, parent Governor

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