Local Governing Committee Meeting#3

LGC#3 – brief report

We’ve adopted a new format for our Governor meetings. It was a very well-focused meeting, with a tight agenda, and a greater opportunity for all governors to contribute, challenge, and question.

We’re grateful to the leadership team for providing aggregate (anonymised, and grouped) data on progress overall. With so much change to curriculums and assessments in the last couple of years, it has been harder than we would like to get reliable figures relating to pupil progress, so this is welcome and positive. We were able to question the data in some detail and, next meeting, we have set aside a chunk of time to get deeper into the data. At this point, we will have another term’s set of data to look at, and so hope to be able to start to see some trends.

We’re following up on a recommendation from Governor Services for our Governance review, as we want to get this started sooner rather than later. And we have all completed online training since our last meeting to update ourselves in current guidelines for good quality governance.

We would like to re-issue our Chair of Governor’s letter to everyone in the community that uses the Somerset Road or Bishopdown Road entrances – calling for greater care and safety. And we are pleased to see that a Post Ofsted FAQs (which we have contributed to) has been published in the OfSTED section of the school website, with some other key documents. Mr Flemmington intends to update this as a living document, adding or updating questions and answers as we get more information. We hope it will be useful.

There’s a lot of work to do, but we are all feeling very positive and committed to the tasks ahead.

If you need to contact me, you can on a.bailey@st-marks.wilts.sch.uk

Thank you

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