Harry Potter – a statement from a Foundation Governor

A couple of parents have asked if it is appropriate for a church school to be focusing on Harry Potter as a core text. It is important that we are free to ask questions like this, and it is a question that no doubt deserves a better answer than I can give.

CS Lewis was a wise and devoted Christian, and he certainly wasn’t shy of using magic in his stories.

Like the Narnia books, the Harry Potter stories too have many strong moral values. The hero cannot win through his own strength, but triumphs through the power of love; the books all tend to end with the hero having to choose between the temptations of power, and doing the right – but difficult – thing; and the reader is in no doubt which side they would choose.

And, also like some of the Narnia series, the Harry Potter stories are enjoyable – great page turners! Like all schools – we want to offer a wide variety of opportunities to encourage a love of reading. And, as a church school, we want to make sure that Love is at the heart of all we do.

I feel, perhaps, that it is a useful lesson to children to see how values of love, kindness and morality crop up, not just in dedicated Christian teachings, but also embedded through our British popular literature.

If you feel we’re wrong in this, please get in touch so that we can understand any concerns.

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  1. This response is so brilliantly written and we fully support the school in using Harry Potter. It sounds like Year 3 are going to have an amazing term studying two such fabulous texts!

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