It’s that time again, BOOK REVIEW TIME!

This week’s book review is written by a man of many talents, writing, presenting and judging. It’s David Walliams’ most recent book, The Midnight Gang.


It’s all about a boy called Tom who had a bump on his head and was sent to hospital. He gets questioned about the ceiling and taken into the children’s clinic where he stays overnight. But no-body could guess what would happen next! Tom though it would be a normal, boring night. Boy, was he wrong! When he overheard the children next to him, the idea was clear, there was adventure in store! The children had a plan, to make each child’s dream come true, from going to space to flying! It seems perfect but the adventure was still to come! An old woman with a terrible memory flies using hundreds of balloons! (I think I’ve heard of that technique before! Flying houses and now flying old ladies! What has the world come to!?)

The characters include: Tom, Sally, Robin, George, Amber, Porter, the little old lady and many more!

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy to laugh or someone how would like a different genre\category of book.

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Review by Rosie N

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