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Diary of a Wimpy Kid : DOUBLE DOWN

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The moment many Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans have been waiting for, the exciting 11th book has come out!  In this book, Greg takes his mom’s advice and starts reading a series of books called Spineticklers which give him plenty of nightmares!  He tries VERY hard to get invited to Mariana Mendoza’s halloween party spectacular by learning to play the French Horn because Mariana would only invite the school band.  However, ROWLEY gets picked to go to the party so Greg can’t help but invites himself to accompany Rowley but when Mom tries to join in, will he get embarrassed or praised?  The characters are manly Greg, his dad, his mom, his annoying brothers, Rodrick and Manny, his best friend, Rowley and new character Maddlox!
This book was the most eventful out of the series coming up close with Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:The Long Haul.  If you think this book will take your fancy, I DEFINITELY recommend it to people who like the Tom Gates books and the Dork Diaries books or someone who just wants a different category\genre of book.
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Written by Rosie N

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